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Abel Industries® Canada Ltd. was established in 1997. It is located in Vancouver BC Canada.AbelBonded® (AB) GC Column is one of the proud products of Abel Industries® Canada Ltd (Abel).

AB GC column offers:
• Complete stationary phase selections: Polysiloxane, Polyethylene glycol (PEG) and PLOTs;
• Available in many dimensions (variations in length, internai diameter and film thickness);
• Consistent High performance: lowest bleed, the highest inertness, high efficiency, the most consistent retention time and the greatest repeatability;
• A wide variety of sample matrices, such as food, environmental, clinical toxicology, petrochemical, flavours and fragrances standard mix....
• Competitive price.

Strict Quality Control
Inertness - The inert surface not only significantly reduces the compounds adsorption and peak tailing and also make the peak shapes symmetrical and sharp. Abel's proprietary surface deactivate technology makes AB GC columns the highest inertness.
Bleed - The manufacturing process at Abel (including the strict quality specifications, Abel's unique chemical bonded, and cross-linked technologies) ensures lowest bleed in return giving AB column long lifetime while keeping sensitivity and stability.
Column Efficiency Abel's strict production requirements and comprehensive evaluation criteria make AB columns gain the highest effective theoretical plates and the best resolution power.
Reproducibility - Every AB GC column is individually tested for coating, efficiency, selectivity, film thickness, inertness and bleed level. Abel controls the capacity factors and the retention index in a narrow window to ensure the column to column's reproducibility and meet the rigorous requirements of various applications.

The Highest Inert

AB GC Column Excellent Performance
(1) High Efficiency - AB-1 the best selectivity and separatio

(3) AB-InoWax for analyte with 100% water matrix

  1. Acetaldehyde
  2. Propaldehyde
  3. Acetone
  4. Methyl acetate
  5. n-Butylaldehyde
  6. Ethyl acetate
  7. Butanone
  8. Methanol
  9. Isopropanol
  1. Ethanol
  2. Pentanone
  3. 2-Butyl alcohol
  4. n-Propyl alcohol
  5. Hexanone
  6. n-Butyl alcohol
  7. 3-Methyl-1-butyl alcohol
  8. 2-Hexanol
  9. n-Pentanol
  1. n-Hexanol
  2. n-Heptanol
  3. Acetic acid
  4. Propionic acid
  5. Isobutyric acid
  6. Butyric acid
  7. 1,4-Butyrolactone
  8. n-Pentanoic acid
  9. Hexanoic acid


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